Music on cycles

LaDinamo is Funk on the Move – Music on Cycles. A unique band on wheels, breaking the mould. LaDinamo performs a high-voltage moving concert and a frenetic street party to the rhythm of Funk. An interactive show where the public can participate making every concert unique and different.


LaDinamo presents ‘Music on Cycles’.

Have you ever seen a concert performed on a bicycle?
A concert that moves through different parts of the city?
The asphalt becomes an improvised stage. A vehicle made from rusty bikes transports seven musicians showering Funk music on everyone who crosses their path.

The musical intensity hypnotizes the pedestrians, the musicians attitude is frenetic and the constant improvisation makes for unrepeatable moments. LaDinamo has arrived in your city. Sunshine or rain they have made your streets theirs.

Where once there was calm a concert arrives to transform the silence into a party and shortly after the moment becomes an unforgettable scene. Never before have you seen the likes of a Funk band on wheels giving their all in front of your house.

This is LaDinamo, infinite music and overflowing passion at every street corner. What a great gift for a city looking for a surprise way to enjoy themselves!

LaDinamo Funky Bike Band Show


22 Jun 2024 Hippie Music Day - Serdiana (Sardegna - Italy)
23 Jun 2024 Hippie Music Day - Serdiana (Sardegna - Italy)
02 Jul 2024 Xiringuito X - Platja de La Rubina (Catalunya)
07 Aug 2024 Sziget Festival - Budapest (Hungary)
08 Aug 2024 Sziget Festival - Budapest (Hungary)
09 Aug 2024 Sziget Festival - Budapest (Hungary)
10 Aug 2024 Sziget Festival - Budapest (Hungary)
11 Aug 2024 Sziget Festival - Budapest (Hungary)
12 Aug 2024 Sziget Festival - Budapest (Hungary)
23 Aug 2024 Watt The Funk Festival - Besseges (France)
24 Aug 2024 Watt The Funk Festival - Besseges (France)


La Dinamo Funky Bike Band, Funk on the road


LaDinamo consists of seven musicians with an extensive musical and artistic background who perform an exclusive repertoire where Funk and Groove music fuse with their exciting, intense and wild stage presence.

Some songs are original compositions, but above all the band performs personal arrangements and free structured versions of Funk classics or covers from other current and unknown bands. It is interesting to note that they also perform mashups, combining music and lyrics from different songs to make a new piece. The constant improvisation, the high level of musicality and the interaction with the street audience and surroundings make each LaDinamo show unique and unrepeatable.

During the winter of 2018 they recorded their first album ‘Funk on the Road’, which the band released independently in May 2018.